Welcome to Starlight and Sunshine!

I’m just going to freak out for a minute because I’m SO. EXCITED. Today, I get to introduce to you Starlight and Sunshine!


Why Did I Switch Blogs?

For four years, I had Josie on the Go, which was basically whatever I wanted it to be at the time. During my break over the summer, I realized that blog was kinda a just-for-fun learning experience. Now, I’m ready to get more serious and making blogging a priority.

Now, I have Starlight and Sunshine! I chose the name because I adore light and the sky: bathing in sunlight, or staring at the amazing cosmos God created. I’m going to be posting about lessons I’m learning in life, my faith, my writing journey, my musical adventures, and all those random lifestyle topics but rest assured they will be awesome all the same.

Posts and Shoutouts

  • Check out the interview post amazing friend Madi did with me here!
  • Chloe and I had a ton off fun interviewing our characters about if they had blogs here!
  • Thanks so much to Clara, who helped me so much with my design over chat and with the blog design series she and Megan created.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I can’t wait to start posting and connecting with everyone again.


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  1. ooh my goodness!! congrats on getting a new blog! can’t wait to see what you post. I’m a Christian and love writing too, btw! :)) xo

  2. Your new blog is so lovely! The name Starlight and Sunshine is so poetic and dreamy… and now I want to start a blog! (Not that I’ll ever get around to it) XDD

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