Four Ways You Can Waste Time Productively

Most days, you can find me procrastinating everything. Correction: all days. In addition my quite unhealthy procrastination habit there have been many Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings spent waiting doing nothing at my younger brothers’ baseball/football practice/game. So, I figured I should find a way to use this wasted time productively, use those as excuses to procrastinate, and share them with you all. Seriously tho teaching others is scientifically proven to be the best method to teach yourself but we’re going to pretend I already knew all this.

1. Make Lists

This might be a me thing, but making lists is super encouraging! Having everything you need to get done right in front of you simplifies it and it’s SO. SATISFYING. I like to use Wunderlist and 30/30 to digitally write them, or you can be all fancy and use paper if you’re good at drawing and want to do cool doodle-y things. Unlike me – I can barely draw stick figures.

2. Pinterest

“Pinterest isn’t productive! It’s a black hole of destruction!” Well, it’s productive now because I say so. Especially if you’re a writer or blogger, there are tons of things on Pinterest for you to do aside from looking at memes. Yup. Judging you. For example: creating boards for your WIP, sharing your blog posts, and researching things. You guys take it from here that’s all I ever do.

3. Do Something With Your Hands

When all you want to do is watch TV and you proceed to watch it for twelve hours or whatever unreasonable hour,  you’re left unmotivated and tired. If you can handle the split focus, try doing something creative while watching. Simple artistic tasks such as knitting (join the #oldladysquad!) or making ATCs will put you in a productive mindset while letting you relax.

4. Learn Something Not Required of You

Learning for a grade is stressful. Learning simply because you wanna is powerful. Khan Academy is a great place to watch educational videos, and it has an app so you can download for offline watching. Their rewards system is also pretty awesome. You don’t get anything cool, but watching your “energy points” stack up makes it feel official. Reading a non-fiction book is also a nice way to relax and learn something new. Other options include going back to point two and Pinteresting your life away, getting ahead in homework even when it’s not due yet and/or debating the necessity of the Oxford comma. (See what I did there?)

Something I’ve learned recently is that if you can’t do something and keep trying to force yourself to do it, you’re only going to waste time because you’ve spent hours and haven’t completed anything. Instead, reach for a smaller goal you know you can accomplish or is just plain fun to make you feel productive, then come tackle the big scary monster.

What methods do you use to procrastinate? What methods do you use to procrastinate well? Do you procrastinate or do you get stuff done? I think I’m procrastinating the end of this post by using the word “procrastinate” over and over.