My Blog Post Writing Process (Collab With Ella @ February Fairy)

What I love about the blogging community is that everything is unique. Every blogger is different, every blog is different, and every blogger’s process is different.

You may have heard of Ella from February Fairy. I love her blog, so I’m really excited to be a part of her month of collabs. We decided on doing a post about our process for writing blog posts. Today, we’re going to share (you guessed it) our post writing processes!

Post Ideas

When I first come up with a post idea, I’ll jot it down in Scrivener. I have a Scrivener file to organize my posting schedule, Young and Dreaming posts, ideas, guest posts, and my “guest post bucket list”. I currently have four categories: faith, lifestyle, music, and writing.


Typically my ideas aren’t big enough to fill a whole post at first. Once I have an idea that will work well, I jot down the main points of what I want to go into the post in my blogging journal. I’ll typically structure it with an opening hook, three points, and a conclusion, like this:

  1.  Opening: why I outline 
  2. It will keep your drafts at a good length
  3. It will improve your speed
  4. It will reduce your edits
  5. Conclusion: should you outline?

That’s the basic summary of my postIs The Dreaded Outline Really All That Bad?If I’m having a harder time, I’ll outline the post in further detail before I write it. Sometimes I’ll even draft the parts that come easily to me and create placeholders for parts I haven’t figured out yet with a note like “come back and add in point about such-and-such here”.

Writing and Editing

Usually, though, I can write the entire post out fairly quickly. After I write it all out, I’ll read the entire post and write a list of things I need to fix, big or small. This makes it seem easier to tackle. I’ll edit that list and come up with a much more polished post. 

At this point, I’ll focus more on making sure I’m saying what I mean to say and that the prose isn’t cluttered or confusing. I tend to go overedit the prose just a bit. 

Publication Prep

Before I publish the post, I create a featured image in photoshop and insert it into the post. Around now, I’ll also add any links or other images I need to. 

Another thing I’ll want to check is my search engine optimization, or SEO. I have the Yoast plugin, which tells me where I’ve gone wrong in SEO as well as readability issues.

Once I read it over a few more times, it’s ready to publish! Or schedule, if I’m planning ahead. This month, I’m trying new things for my post writing process, one of them being writing posts in batches ahead of time instead of writing one at a time for a few days before the date I’m supposed to post.

On a side note, I’m making some changes to my blog this week, so you’ll probably notice a few things being weird. However, I hope to have a new header, easier-to-read text, and to rearrange my sidebar.

Be sure to check out Ella’s post here and subscribe to her blog! You won’t regret it — her blog is amazing.

What about you? Do you have a blog? How do you write posts? Do you read  February Fairy? Share with me in the comments!

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  1. Hey, my process is almost the exact same as yours! Except I do Writing and Editing and Publication Prep together — making the featured image goes along with making other images in the post for me.

    I love February Fairy — her blog is awesome! I’d comment more if I wasn’t so WordPress-minded — it’s hard to comment on blogger blogs and I’m lazyyy.


    1. I tend to edit and do publication prep together, but a lot of it depends on if my dad’s computer (the one that has photoshop) is free. That’s why there’s no featured image right now, I’m waiting to make it this afternoon which I probably should not get in the habit of doing 😂
      I know, right? Her posts are epic. I have a blogger account that’s easy to comment with but I prefer to switch to “name/url”.

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